Jersey Digs Interviews SOUTH HOUSE

“My interview with Stephanie Villarreal-Farid started off in the same spirit of southern hospitality that exudes from SOUTH HOUSE, ‘Hey Jaclyn. We’re running a few minutes behind. The door’s open so just let yourself in and we will see you soon!’ So I did as I was told, and opened the doors to the mesmerizing interior of the newest addition to Restaurant Row in downtown Jersey City: The SOUTH HOUSE Bar and Restaurant.

I found myself studying the details, at first for this article (JerseyDigs’ debut interior design section!) and then largely out of immense curiosity.

The miniature mason jar salt-and-pepper shakers. Vintage milk jug table bases. Headboards on the walls. Candles lining almost every surface. Photos of blues and rock legends. Herringbone brick.”

Jaclyn Isaac